Frequently Asked Questions

HelloMedium is committed to providing a comfortable on demand experience to our clients with emergency needs. Below is a checklist of your most regular use cases.

Is HelloMedium a software bot or AI

HelloMedium is handled by a team of real-humans who can coordinate parallel requests.

Where is HelloMedium located

Our headquarters is located in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

What kinds of things can I use HelloMedium for

Anything you want. As long as it’s not illegal. Seriously.

I'm not in a major town. Will this work in my location

HelloMedium has access to the same vendors and services you have access to. If we can find a way to get it done in your location, we'll do it!
We will however try to find you an alternative in a worse case scenario.

I don't always have access to WhatsApp. Can I use SMS

Yes! Although we work with WhatsApp Messenger, one of the most powerful and stable messaging platforms (which doesn't require you to download a dedicated app for HelloMedium), you can send us an SMS

Can I use HelloMedium internationally

Yes! HelloMedium works for you from anywhere in the world. Once you have access to HelloMedium, you’ll have access to our international number. Please be aware that we can only fulfill requests within Port Harcourt for now.

What does it cost to use HelloMedium

Think of the subscription fee as the salary for your dedicated personal assistant only. The fee covers any request which wouldn't require financial obligation (Example: making an inquiry, follow up calls). This fee does not include any purchase of product or service you may request.

Is my information secure and private

Absolutely. HelloMedium takes significant measures to protect all information related to your account. All our conversations have end-to-end encryption. All employees handling client information sign non-disclosure agreements and are trained in data security.

What happens if HelloMedium doesn't get me what I want

Sometimes, due to factors beyond our control, we may not be able to get you what you want.
If this happens, we will apologize and immediately search for the best path forward.
This often means hunting for the most relevant alternative as a replacement.

How long does HelloMedium typically spend on a request

It completely depends on the nature of the request. For a client's first request, HelloMedium spends about 1 hour on average. We get more efficient as we get to know you better and learn your preferences. HelloMedium saves your preferences and learns from your requests.

How do I return an item I purchased through HelloMedium

We will attempt to get a refund from the vendor that sold the item. Refund policies vary.
Any funds that are returned to HelloMedium will be passed onto you on the card or bank account you used for the original purchase.

Can I pay directly for the cost of goods instead of being charged by HelloMedium

Sure! If you ever prefer to pay the vendor or service directly, please let us know. We will have them invoice you directly. What we cannot do is use your own debit card ourselves to make a payment. We do not have access to your full credit card information. That information is stored securely by Paystack, our payment processor.